Fund Accounting - Budget

Fund Accounting - Budget

The Budget table lists all your General ledger accounts and their monthly allocations - To enter a new record press F8 function key, point mouse at browse and right-click - select insert, or click the big blue PLUS icon on ToolBar.

1 . Budget Analysis buttonBudget Analysis button

Budget Analysis button

Budget Analysis provides a graphical look at current Fiscal Year monthly budgeting, actual spending and variances - all on one screen

2 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

To sort by any column, click column header, then enter a character or two from keyboard.   To reset search, press the UP arrow on keyboard (resets search engine).

3 . Copy buttonCopy button

Copy button

The Copy button copies a highlighted record and may save you key strokes.   If you use the Copy button, edit the copied record and save it to record the new data.

4 . Current BudgetCurrent Budget

Current Budget

This row (Previous Year, Next year, Current year, YTD Spending, %-Spent) give you current information on where you stand by viewing this browse window (you should click the Spending button to bring all spending current, first).

5 . Send buttonSend button

Send button

The Send Button enables you to export data in browse to a file (.pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc. csv) or to EMail, to clipboard (to paste into any Windows® aware software)

6 . Sub GL Sub GL

Sub GL

The Sub GL breaks General Ledger Account numbers into "finer" groupings for data collection and analysis

7 . What IfWhat If

What If

What If opens the What If module to simulate your revenue receipts and spending and project it to a full Fiscal Year of operations.

8 . SpendingSpending


The Spending button processes all spending in current Fiscal Year and brings all total   current to "this click in time".