Budget Record

Budget Record


1 . Auto AllocateAuto Allocate

Auto Allocate

Click Auto Allocate to spread the Budget amount evenly over all 12 months

2 . A/C NumberA/C Number

A/C Number

Enter your General Ledge Account number

3 . Line Item BudgetLine Item Budget

Line Item Budget

Enter the total dollar amount for this line item

4 . Amend buttonAmend button

Amend button


5 . PostItPostIt


The Post It button posts the Amendments you have just made when clicking Amend button and entering an amendment to budget

6 . ReportReport


The Report button enables reporting on budge amendments

7 . SendSend


The Send Button enables an export of all data, when FY Actuals TAB is selected - this enables an export of all spending in current fiscal year on any General Ledger line item