How Do I . . . . .

This How Do I . . . . manual provides you with a module and field level explanation of how to use Visual R&B IMS in managing your operations.   This manual is supplemented by six other levels of Help that range from Bubble Help to a phone call.


(1)   Bubble Help (place cursor over an object (field or button), wait a second - Bubble Help is implemented on over 70% of all objects

(2)   Context sensitive (built-in) Help on each module

(3)   this How Do I . . . Help is internet based

(4)   Slide Shows on our WebSite

(5)   Videos on our WebSite               

(6)   Software manual available from ToolBar -> Help -> Software manual

(7)   Call us (888-879-1980)


The How Do I . . . Help is designed to answer the How do I . . . questions.   It is internet based, covers specific steps to operate the system and is designed to be used in conjunction with the (.chm) local, module oriented, HELP screens.


The R&B IMS Software Manual (.pdf) is accessible from within Visual R&B IMS®, from the Main ToolBar -> Help -> R&B IMS® Manual.


Bubble HELP is available on most all buttons and fields - to invoke Bubble Help, place mouse cursor on the object, wait a second, and a HELP bubble will appear that describes information on that field (Bubble HELP is available on approximately 75% of all fields and buttons in R&B IMS®).


Dozens of Accelerator keys are available to speed up keyboard use - don't try to memorize them, just learn them as you go, or totally disregard them - below is a short recap of them:


Any menu character that is underlined is a hot key combination;


Example: Reports Press and hold the ALT key and press R

- Function Key 7 (PF7) copies a field from a previously entered record into current record

- Function Key 8 (PF8) opens a new record for data entry (only when ToolBar is active)

- On Browses with a 'Copy' button, you may also use the F9 Function key to copy highlighted record

- To invoke Field specific Bubble Help; place mouse pointer over field; wait a second

- A quick way to back out of an open screen is to press the ESCAPE key

- A query button is provided on each screen (or, use ToolBar Query icon)


Other Hot Keys:

AltF2 Spatial Data Analysis

AltF3 GIS with Signs

AltF4 GIS with Culverts

AltF5 GIS with Bridges

AltF7 Main Map of your City or County

ShiftF2 Cost Accounting Accounting Lite

ShiftF3 Fund Accounting - Uses " "

ShiftF4 Fund Accounting - Sources " "

ShiftF5 Budgeting " "

ShiftF7 Purchase/Returns

ShiftF8 Receivers (Material Receipt)

ShiftF9 Aged Open Accounts Payable

CntrlF2 Equipment

CntrlF3 Inventory (Materials)

CntrlF4 Personnel

CntrlF7 Bridges

CntrlF8 Culverts

CntrlF9 Signs

CntrlF10 Weed Control

CntrlF11 Shop Work Orders

CntrlF12 Simplified Road Management


Shortcut keys are available throughout the system (Windows standard format). Menu selections that have an underlined character are available while holding down the ALT key and pressing that character on your keyboard. (Example: [from the opening screen, with no window open] To enter a new Cost Accounting record, hold the ALT key down; press the A key, then press the L,C, F8 (Function Key 8), or, using the hotkeys: Shift F2, F8. Don't worry about the shortcut keys as you'll pick them up while learning the system. They'll just save you a lot of time.