Use Projects

Use Projects

This browse window lists all projects.   The gray column headers are hot; i.e., click on one to alpha and/or numeric sort the column, then enter couple of characters from keyboard for data you're looking for - when found (highlighted), press ENTER key to open that record

1 . Total ProjectsTotal Projects

Total Projects

Total number of projects

2 . Select TAB to Order DataSelect TAB to Order Data

Select TAB to Order Data

Select a TAB to order Projects in that order

3 . Total Active ProjectsTotal Active Projects

Total Active Projects

Total active projects - projects are active until you fill in the Completed Date on projects form

4 . Update all FY Costs buttonUpdate all FY Costs button

Update all FY Costs button

Updates all current Fiscal Year costs on all Active Projects

5 . Help buttonHelp button

Help button

Help for this browse

6 . QueryQuery


Click New to create a new query, Retrieve to select a previously created query, Clear to reset data before another query and Send to send queried data to a report (.pdf, .htm, .xls(x), .doc, .csv), EMail or copy to clipboard.