Use Bridge Module

Use Bridge Module

The Bridge module provides software tools to manage operations and inspections of your bridges

1 . View GraphView Graph

View Graph

View Sufficiency Ratings of all your bridges in one graph, change graph type, copy graphic and paste into Windows aware software (MS Word, etc.), print graph or save as a graphic file.


The Sufficiency Rating is an overall or composite rating score for the bridge so the graph just pulls all bridges together for comparison, etc.

2 . Copy ButtonCopy Button

Copy Button

When entering bridges use of the Copy button may save you keystrokes   -   the Copy button duplicates the highlighted record, when pressed.

3 . Internal GISInternal GIS

Internal GIS

View all bridges (with correct latitude/longitude) on built-in GIS - we are moving all applications to utilize Google® Maps and Google® Earth and by mid 2010 the internal GIS will not be supported.

4 . Bridge Guide buttonBridge Guide button

Bridge Guide button


5 . Video buttonVideo button

Video button

View pre-recorded Webinar video for added help in using this module

6 . QueryQuery


Create a New Query, or Retrieve a previously save query, to subset browse window with just those records you want to work with - you can also Send them out to a file, to clipboard, EMail them (if you're plumbed in to your EMail server) or