Bridge Record

Bridge Record

The bridge record is used to describe the attributes of a bridge - each bridge needs a unique Bridge #.


The TABs open specification areas to record the attributes you want to record.   The Maintenance History TAB displays all maintenance and inspections performed on this bridge and provides totals for Labor, Material, Equipment and Contract Costs.

1 . Client areaClient area

Client area


2 . Roads LookupRoads Lookup

Roads Lookup

Lookup for attaching the Road/Street/Highway this bridge is located on

3 . Sufficiency RatingSufficiency Rating

Sufficiency Rating

This is an overall/composite rating of the condition of this bridge - scale runs from 0 to 100 with higher number meaning better score on its last inspection.



Tabs contain attribute fields for describing this bridge - you may not want to populate all attributes, but instead refer to your Bridge Inspection history documents - saves a lot of keystrokes :D)

5 . GIS LocateGIS Locate

GIS Locate

Starts internal GIS - from main ToolBar of GIS -> Utilities -> Measure Map -> left click location of this bridge -> Update Latitude - Longitude button (where GIS Locate button used to be).   This embeds newly determined latitude and longitude in record.

6 . DMS CalcDMS Calc

DMS Calc

You sometimes get latitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds - this utility will convert those reading into decimal format (proper format is 4 decimal and the Longitude reading is a negative number)

7 . Google® Lt/LnGoogle® Lt/Ln

Google® Lt/Ln

Use the GPS Location tool in Google®, highlight and copy the Latitude and Longitude, then click this button to embed those coordinates into your bridge record.

8 . Google ItGoogle It

Google It

If latitude and longitude are filled in the Google® It button does a lookup with those coordinates.   If you do not have the latitude and longitude you can use the GPS Locator tool from within Google® maps and paste it back in to your bridge record with the Google® Latitude/Longitude button

9 . View PictureView Picture

View Picture

View picture(s) of this bridge with our viewer.   Pictures, for this particular bridge, would be named B020-1.jpg (or whatever graphic format you prefer).   To keep multiple pictures the naming convention would be B020-1-1.jpg, B020-1-2.jpg, B020-1-3.jpg ........


Pictures are stored in the Bridges folder, under the Image folder, under the Data folder, under the main Road & Bridge folder.  



Main Road & Bridge Folder     (default is \RB_IMS)

    -   Data folder

            -   Images folder

                  -   Bridges folder