Project Record

Project Record

The Project record contains attributes to describe a project (if there are fields that do not pertain to your project then leave them blank).   To create a Project the only necessary attribute is a unique project name.   This particular project is for asphalt work in Fiscal Year 2008.  


If you want to create, document, report on and manage a project budget the Fund Sources (where funding originates) and the Budgeted rows (near bottom of window) should be used.   The Detail Cost Analysis TAB tracks all labor, material, equipment and contract costs that are applied to the project (automatically) as entries are made in Cost and/or Fund Accounting.

1 . Own ForcesOwn Forces

Own Forces

Will project primarily use our own work force or will it be contracted out?

2 . Start DateStart Date

Start Date

Project started

3 . Funds SourcesFunds Sources

Funds Sources

What are dollar amounts of the primary sources of funds for this project?

4 . Project LengthProject Length

Project Length

Estimated project length - when project is completed this may be changed to the actual length for your records

5 . Road/Street LookupRoad/Street Lookup

Road/Street Lookup

Lookup to select Road or Street, if this project is primarily on one road or street

6 . BudgetedBudgeted


What is the budget breakout for this project (Labor hours and dollars, Material dollars, Equipment hours and dollars and Contract Costs?

7 . EstimatorEstimator


Interface to Estimator module - you can create estimate and then post it to the project

8 . Percent CalcPercent Calc

Percent Calc

Percentage of actual spending on this project to projects budget

9 . Project NameProject Name

Project Name

Project name - a useful naming convention is to add the Fiscal Year for project as an extension to Project Name

10 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Save record updates

11 . View ProjectView Project

View Project

View project photo(s).   Photos are stored in the Projects folder which is under the Images folder, under the Data folder, which is under the Road and Bridge Folder.  


Road & Bridge folder

    -   DATA folder

          -   Images

                  -   Projects folder

12 . DescriptionDescription


Short project description

13 . Old NameOld Name

Old Name

Old name for the area/road/street/etc. for area this project is being done

14 . PriorityPriority


Priority of this project - use numerics

15 . ContractedContracted


Is this project Contracted out to a third party?

16 . Grade, SurfacingGrade, Surfacing

Grade, Surfacing

Is this a Grading or Surfacing project?

17 . Year of EstimateYear of Estimate

Year of Estimate

Year this project was estimated

18 . FEMA ProjectFEMA Project

FEMA Project

Is this a FEMA project - this also subsets the project to the FEMA module

19 . Actual CostActual Cost

Actual Cost

Actual costs accumulated on this project

20 . Traffic CountTraffic Count

Traffic Count

Traffic count for this project area/road/street/bridge

21 . Local RptLocal Rpt

Local Rpt

Is this for local reporting only?

22 . Allocate OverheadAllocate Overhead

Allocate Overhead

This switch works in conjunction with the Overhead Allocator module   -   if checked then overhead will be allocated to this project when Allocator module is run.

23 . Fiscal YearFiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year for this project - if project runs across Fiscal Years the year should be incremented as this field also denotes the project's active Fiscal Year.   The Completed (Date) field removes the project from Active status, also.

24 . Estimate YearEstimate Year

Estimate Year

Year of estimate

25 . Estimated PecentEstimated Pecent

Estimated Pecent

Estimated percentage complete for this project

26 . CompletedCompleted


Date project is completed