Complaints/Service Requests

Complaints/Service Requests

The Complaints/Service Requests form describes the what, when, where, how and who of logging the request and following it through steps to resolve it.

1 . Report & AssignReport & Assign

Report & Assign

The yellow box documents when the request is received and when it is assigned out for resolution (both dates and times are automatically generated).

2 . Mass MailMass Mail

Mass Mail

Enter a Keyword for use in mass mailing a notification to citizens.  


An example could be   BRUSH   for mailing a "please cut your brush back" from the right-of-way for all those persons owning property that has brush obscuring a drivers vision.

3 . Complaintants AddressComplaintants Address

Complaintants Address

Address of person making the request

4 . Problem DescriptionProblem Description

Problem Description

Briefly describe the reported complaint or service request

5 . Client areaClient area

Client area


6 . CalendarCalendar


Calendar for picking the date of expiration of suspension date

7 . Lookup CitizensLookup Citizens

Lookup Citizens

A Geocoded dataset of your city or county residents is available at extra cost.   The FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State and Phone are the Complainants - so you can follow up with a phone call when it's resolved.

8 . ViewView


Attach picture(s) of this complaint to this record.   The picture(s) should be saved to the Complnt folder, under the Images folder, under the Data folder, which is under the main road & bridge folder


The pictures name is the street address.   If street address is 104 Wes Salem then the first pictures name is 104 West Salem.jpg (or any other graphics format).   Additional pictures for this record would be 104 West Salem-2.jpg, 104 West Salem-3.jpg, etc.


Main Road & Bridge folder (default is \RB_IMS)

  -   Data

      -   Images

          -   Complnts

9 . Google ItGoogle It

Google It

Do a lookup on the citizen who requested by the Latitude/Longitude coordinates that mark the position of the complaint or service request (default), or, if Lookup By Road is checked the lookup reads address and City, State from those fields

10 . Google Lt/LnGoogle Lt/Ln

Google Lt/Ln

If you use Google® GPS Location to determine latitude and longitude coordinates they may be pasted into this record with this button

11 . LookUp by RoadLookUp by Road

LookUp by Road

If this box is checked Google┬« lookup is performed on the address and City, State fields.  


If unchecked lookup is performed on the Latitude and Longitude coordinates (near bottom of screen)

12 . View GISView GIS

View GIS

Starts internal GIS

13 . Permits buttonPermits button

Permits button

Opens Permits table in case this Complaint is in conjunction with a Permit violation or variance

14 . City buttonCity button

City button

An extra cost dataset of residents and their latitude and longitude coordinates may be purchased, you may use the GeoCode data file and roll your own or fill in the blanks as each request is received.


15 . Create Work OrderCreate Work Order

Create Work Order

Check this box and click the OK button to spawn a Work Order from the information created on this record.

16 . Service TypeService Type

Service Type

The type of service requested.   The table that contains the lookup values is found: from the Main ToolBar -> Menus -> Functional Menu -> Setup TAB -> Service Types button

17 . Permit NumberPermit Number

Permit Number

Select the Permit Number (then post it) that this complaint references or may be related to this complaing

18 . PriorityPriority


Set a "priority to solve" level, if desired



Check if this request should be followed up on when resolved; i.e., call the complainant, or other feedback

20 . PersonnelPersonnel


Select the employee who is primarily charged with solving this request

21 . Department NumberDepartment Number

Department Number

Department number this complaint or service request is assigned to for resolution

22 .  Internal check Internal check

 Internal check

Is this an internally generated request instead of a request from a citizen

23 . Record NumberRecord Number

Record Number

Record/Control Number of this record

24 . Completed byCompleted by

Completed by

Employee who signed off when this complaint or service request was resolved.   Also, be sure to enter date and time when the complaint/service request is resolved.

25 . Action TakenAction Taken

Action Taken

Brief description of action taken to resolve this complaint.   A memo box (memo TAB) is also available for more extensive recording of any pertinent information on this record

26 . Roads/Streets LookupRoads/Streets Lookup

Roads/Streets Lookup

Lookup to select the Road or Street on which the complaint has occurred