Culvert Record

Culvert Record

The Culvert record records the attributes of culvert, location, describes the are it drains and automatically develops the Maintenance History (history is generated as Cost and Fund Accounting records are charged to the specific culvert).



1 . Highway DistrictHighway District

Highway District

Highway District where this culvert is located

2 . Route/DimensionsRoute/Dimensions


Route or dimensions for this culvert

3 . Roads LookupRoads Lookup

Roads Lookup

The Road Lookup enables attachment of the road, street or highway where the culvert is located.

4 . Culvert NumberCulvert Number

Culvert Number

The Culvert Number is developed locally - helpful tips are to make it a meaningful number; i.e., so that someone in the field would have an rough idea of where the culvert is located - but any format works.


In this particular number the C stands for Culvert, the 001 for Cart Road 001 and the C1 might represent that it is located at mile marker 1 of the Cart road.   Whatever is meaningful to you will work, it does, however, need to be a unique number.

5 . View CulvertView Culvert

View Culvert

View picture(s) of this culvert.   Pictures are stored in the Culverts folder, under the Images folder, under the Data folder which is under the main Road & Bridge folder.


The name of the first picture of this culvert is the Culvert # (C001-C1.jpg or any graphic format).   Additional pictures of this culvert would be C001-C1-2.jpg, C001-C1-3.jpg ......

6 . GIS LocateGIS Locate

GIS Locate

Starts built-in GIS

7 . Google Lat/LngGoogle Lat/Lng

Google Lat/Lng

If using the Google® GPS Location utility to determine latitude and longitude, after copying the coordinates from within Google® Maps, pressing this button embeds the coordinates into the record.

8 . D-M-S CalcD-M-S Calc

D-M-S Calc

You may get latitude and longitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds - if so this converter will translate to a decimal number which most GIS platforms prefer.

9 . Google ItGoogle It

Google It

Performs a lookup referencing the Latitude and Longitude coordinates on this record.

10 . Township/District LookupTownship/District Lookup

Township/District Lookup

Lookup for assigning this culvert into the correct Township, District, Precinct, Zone, etc. in which it is located.