Use E911 & Flood Plain

Use E911 & Flood Plain

The E911/Flood Plain module enables you to manage records for those citizens and contact information.

1 . Query ButtonQuery Button

Query Button

Search for specific records by filling in form attributes

2 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click the gray column header to sort data in that column - enter keystroke(s) to find the record you're looking for.   To reset Search Engine, press the Up Arrow on keyboard - you're ready to do another search.



3 . Report ButtonReport Button

Report Button

Opens report screen for selecting type of report

4 . SendSend


Send data in browse out in user selected format

5 . Flood Plain MapsFlood Plain Maps

Flood Plain Maps

After purchasing your electronic flood plain maps from the FEMA store, copy them to the FloodPln folder, under the Images folder, under the Data folder, which is under the Road and Bridge folder.

6 . FEMA Flood Map StoreFEMA Flood Map Store

FEMA Flood Map Store

Connects you to the FEMA Flood Plain Maps store