E911 - Flood Plain Record

E911 - Flood Plain Record

This record maintains information on each home in your City, County or Parish.


The property owner and resident may be the same, if so, after entering the Property Owner, click the Copy button to save key strokes.

1 . Owners PhoneOwners Phone

Owners Phone

Property Owners phone number

2 . Both E911 & FloodPlain MgtBoth E911 & FloodPlain Mgt

Both E911 & FloodPlain Mgt

Categorize record as to how you want to use it - is record for both E911 use and Flood Plain Management, only for E911 or only for Flood Plain Management.  



3 . Old City, State ZipOld City, State Zip

Old City, State Zip

What was the old City, State and Zip for this residence, before moving to the E911 addressing convention

4 . Old AddressOld Address

Old Address

What was the old address of this residence, before moving to the E911 addressing convention

5 . Client areaClient area

Client area


6 . GoogleGoogle


Select the type of data for lookup (E911 Address, Old Street Address or Latitude and Longitude (stored under Emergency Provides Contacts TAB), then click Google® to lookup property via Google® Maps.

7 . E911 Number & ExtensionE911 Number & Extension

E911 Number & Extension

Enter the E911 number and an Extension, if utilized, for this property

8 . ViewView


View picture(s) of this property.   Pictures of this property are associated with their record number; i.e., the first picture for this property would be 13160.jpg (or any graphic format), the second picture would be 13160-2.jpg, then 13160-3.jpg . . . . .


Pictures are stored in the FloodPln folder, under the Images folder, under the Data folder, which is under the main Road and Bridge folder - its default location is \RB_IMS



    - Data

          -   Images

                -   FloodPln

9 . Latitude/Longitude SelectorLatitude/Longitude Selector

Latitude/Longitude Selector

Before using Google® lookup select the location data to use.


E911 Address, the old street address or Latitude and Longitude coordinates   which are stored under the Emergency Provider TAB.

10 . CategoryCategory


What classification/category does this property fall under?

11 . Serial NumberSerial Number

Serial Number

Associate a particular serial number with this property if desired