Use Fleet Management

Use Fleet Management

The Fleet Management module provides software tools to document all Equipment Shop Costs (Labor, Material, Equipment use and Outside Services).   Analysis of task costs and efficiencies (WFP - Work Force Planning, Project Analysis, Report Manager, etc.), Equipment fuel efficiency analysis (graphic fuel efficiency module), per hour/mile operating costs and many other tools are available through the Fleet Management interface.


The module is constructed so you may continue using your existing Shop Work Orders or use the built in Shop Work Orders.  



1 . EquipmentEquipment


Opens Equipment table for reference and to coordinate Preventive Maintenance of any piece of equipment

2 . WarrantiesWarranties


Opens warranty table for reference.   It's a good idea to check the warranty table whenever you have to replace a part of a piece of equipment as the part may be under warranty.

3 . Print Shop Work OrderPrint Shop Work Order

Print Shop Work Order

Print a shop work order on any Work Order

4 . Print Multi Work OrdersPrint Multi Work Orders

Print Multi Work Orders

This button enables you to print (to screen and/or to printer) multiple work orders for any piece of equipment.

5 . VideoVideo


Click for a pre-recorded training Webinar on the Fleet Management module

6 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click on gray column header to organize shop work orders by that criteria - enter a keystroke or two to find record(s) that fit your criteria.   Press Up Arrow on keyboard to reset search engine, for another search.

7 . QueryQuery


Create a 'New' query, 'Retrieve' a query you have previously saved, 'Clear' to reset browse window to display all data, and Send to export sub-setted data to other formats

8 . Send ButtonSend Button

Send Button

Send sub-setted data to .pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc, .csv, EMail it or copy to clipboard for pasting into another software package.