Inventory Purchases

Inventory Purchases

Inventory purchases should be entered on this form

1 . UnitsUnits


Number of units purchased on this line item

2 . Vendor LookUpVendor LookUp

Vendor LookUp

Vendor lookup - Vendor may also be pre-loaded if the inventory line item record already contains vendor information - or you may override if item is purchased from a different vendor

3 . Warrant/Requisition NumberWarrant/Requisition Number

Warrant/Requisition Number

This field records the Warrant or Requisition number for line item purchased

4 . GL A/C ButtonGL A/C Button

GL A/C Button

General Ledger Account Number lookup - this refers back to your line item budget for selection of proper GL #

5 . Sub GL Code # buttonSub GL Code # button

Sub GL Code # button


6 . Purchase DatePurchase Date

Purchase Date

Date of purchase

7 . Transaction InfoTransaction Info

Transaction Info

Short description of this line item

8 . Inventory Item LookUpInventory Item LookUp

Inventory Item LookUp

Lookup window to select the inventory line item this purchase will be posted to

9 . Sales TaxSales Tax

Sales Tax

Did you pay sales tax on this line item - if so, record the cost

10 . Inventory LocationInventory Location

Inventory Location

Location number this purchased item will be posted to.   This is a multi-location inventory system, which means you can, for instance, have the same inventory item number in more than one location.


For instance, 10W30 (quarts) motor oil can have the same inventory item number but may be stored in multiple locations so long as you use different location numbers

11 . Claim/P.O. NumberClaim/P.O. Number

Claim/P.O. Number

Record the Claim or Purchase Order number for this line item

12 . Fiscal YearFiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Default Fiscal Year is set up in the Entity file each year.


From Quickest Menu, press   E   three times (until Entity is highlighted) and press ENTER key.   Press Department button and define Fiscal Year at bottom of screen.

13 . Quarry TicketQuarry Ticket

Quarry Ticket

You may, if desired, charge this line item purchase to specific Quarry Ticket Number(s)

14 . CostCost


Enter Total Cost for this purchased line line.

15 . View InvoiceView Invoice

View Invoice

This starts your Document Management module so you may, if desired, scan and retrieve the purchase order to an electronic format (.tif format)

16 . Fund BbuttonFund Bbutton

Fund Bbutton

Select Fund this line item purchase will be charged against

17 . Average CostAverage Cost

Average Cost

This recalculates the Inventory Standard Cost line item to the average historical cost paid for inventory defined by this line item.


This enables you, if you choose, to set the Standard Cost to the Average Historical Cost with one click

18 . Paid CheckPaid Check

Paid Check

Check this box when the item is paid - today's date is automatically entered, but you can override with a date of your choosing

19 . Unit Of MeasureUnit Of Measure

Unit Of Measure

This is the Unit of measure as defined on the inventory item record

20 . Times Std CostTimes Std Cost

Times Std Cost

This button extends line item total (units * standard cost) cost by the inventory standard cost (from inventory record).   This may not be the actual cost that you will pay for the line item you are purchasing, but it does let you see price level changes with one click

21 . Update InventoryUpdate Inventory

Update Inventory

This box, by default for a new record, should be checked in order to post line item to selected inventory when saved.

22 . Standard CostStandard Cost

Standard Cost

This button resets the inventory line item Standard Cost to the cost per unit of this purchased item.


This enables you, if you want to, to keep your inventory on a LIFO (Last In, First Out) basis

23 . Authorized byAuthorized by

Authorized by

This purchase was authorized by