Fund Accounting - Purchases

Fund Accounting - Purchases

This is the Fund Accounting Browse window.   A record (line item on Purchase Order) entered at this level is a Non-Inventory purchased item; i.e., the item is expensed at the point of purchase.


The Inventory Purchases button enables you to enter a record (line item on Purchase Order) for an item that goes into your inventory; i.e., the item becomes a Current Asset and increases the inventory on the line item charged.

1 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click the gray column header to sort data by that criteria

2 . Help ButtonHelp Button

Help Button

Built in context sensitive Help

3 . New ButtonNew Button

New Button

Click New Button to create a query to subset records by your criteria

4 . Retrieve ButtonRetrieve Button

Retrieve Button

Click Retrieve to select any of your saved queries

5 . Copy ButtonCopy Button

Copy Button

The Copy button saves keystrokes when entering similar line items; i.e., enter the first line item, save it, then (with line item highlighted in browse window), click Copy Button.  


This creates a new line item record - next, change whatever fields reflect the second entry.   Save and repeat if appropriate - - using Copy button save hundreds of keystrokes!

6 . Clear ButtonClear Button

Clear Button

Click Clear to reset browse window to display all records

7 . Date SelectorDate Selector

Date Selector

Enter any date and press TAB key - browse window is instantly filtered to display only those records that show that Purchase Date.

8 . Vouchers ButtonVouchers Button

Vouchers Button

The vouchers button provides a couple of default vouchers.   Other reports are available under the Report Manager; from main ToolBar -> Reporting -> Accounting -> F/A (Fund Accounting Reports)

9 . Print buttonPrint button

Print button

Print hard copy of sub-setted records or use the Send button to export in .pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc, .csv formats

10 . Send buttonSend button

Send button

Send button export in .pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc, .csv formats, to Windows clipboard or EMail (if connected to your network EMail server)

11 . AltQuery ButtonAltQuery Button

AltQuery Button

An alternate way to query your data - yes, there are two query engines - because this system is built to work the way you want to work!

12 . Inventory PurchasesInventory Purchases

Inventory Purchases

If the items you are purchasing go into your inventory use Inventory Purchases button