Non Inventory Purchases

Non Inventory Purchases

This screen is for NON-Inventory purchased ONLY.


The fund accounting form enables you to document spending against Purchase Orders and is ONLY used for purchases that DO NOT go into your inventory (there is a different screen for inventory putchases)

1 . Eqp #Eqp #

Eqp #

Charge purchase directly to a particular equipment number

2 . Labor $Labor $

Labor $

Dollars that should be charged to Labor

3 . Material buttonMaterial button

Material button

The Material button provides a lookup into you inventory table - you may, or may not, have the item listed, if not, then enter it in the field to the right.

4 . Direct Eqp ChargeDirect Eqp Charge

Direct Eqp Charge

Click if this is a purchase you want to charge directly to a piece of equipment

5 . General Leder #General Leder #

General Leder #

General Ledger number that this purchase is charged to

6 . TransactionTransaction


Enter descriptive info for this line item transaction

7 . Transaction DateTransaction Date

Transaction Date

Date of transaction

8 . Times Std CostTimes Std Cost

Times Std Cost

This button multiplies the units by the Standard Cost (as logged in the inventory record, if used)

9 . OK buttonOK button

OK button


10 . Road ButtonRoad Button

Road Button

Charge this purchase directly to this road

11 . Fiscal YearFiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year of purchase

12 . Fiscal YearFiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Default Fiscal Year for purchase (if incorrect it should be set correctly in the Entity table).   From Quickest Menu -> enter E until Entity is highlighted -> Press Enter Key -> Department Info -> set correct beginning, ending and Fiscal Year

13 . VendorVendor


Vendor lookup - this develops vendor history of purchases

14 . Sales TaxSales Tax

Sales Tax


15 . Warrant - Req#Warrant - Req#

Warrant - Req#

Warrant or Requisition number for this line item

16 . ContracorContracor


Contractor or 3rd party (Outside Service) vendor who will receive this payment

17 . Contractor LookUp buttonContractor LookUp button

Contractor LookUp button

Click to select the proper Contractor for this payment

18 . Authorized byAuthorized by

Authorized by

Who authorized this purchase

19 . ReferenceReference


If this is a contractor payment then you need to reference the contract agreement this payment applies to

20 . View Invoice buttonView Invoice button

View Invoice button


21 . SubGL# buttonSubGL# button

SubGL# button


22 . ProjectProject


Should this purchase be charged to a specific project?

23 . Purchase TypePurchase Type

Purchase Type

Type of Purchase - generally all purchases on this form are Purchase Lite - but you can override if necessary

24 . Fund ButtonFund Button

Fund Button

Charge the proper Fund for this purchase

25 . PhasePhase


Should this particular payment be charged to a specific phase of the project?

26 . Township/WardTownship/Ward


Should this payment be charged to a particular Township, Ward or other area

27 . Task CodeTask Code

Task Code

Should this payment be charged against a particular task code?

28 . Quarry TicketQuarry Ticket

Quarry Ticket

Should this payment be charged to a particular quarry ticket shipment