Shop Work Order Line Item

Shop Work Order Line Item

A 'child' record(s) of a Shop Work Order Master are the equivalent if one detail line of your Shop Work Order.   This enables you to track all Labor, Parts and Outside Service work in detail.

1 . Labor buttonLabor button

Labor button

Lookup the employee who is doing the work - it loads hourly rate if that is loaded in the employee record.

2 . Outside ServiceOutside Service

Outside Service

It's best not to combine an Inventory/Material and Labor entry with an Outside Service entry as the work order will be more easily read when they are not combined.


You should combine Inventory and Labor entry as this will record 'who' installed what parts.

3 . Inventory buttonInventory button

Inventory button

Lookup to Inventory for selection of an item that is taken out of inventory.   If the material has not been entered into inventory (first), then type an inventory number, description and Cost per Unit into fields.    

4 . Outside Service LookupOutside Service Lookup

Outside Service Lookup

Lookup the vendor for the outside service being provided

5 . Task buttonTask button

Task button

Select the type of work being done

6 . Warranty Warranty


Open warranty table

7 . Location NumberLocation Number

Location Number

The inventory/material Location Code (entered in the inventory module screen) is used so you can keep the same inventory number item in multiple locations - it loads automatically from the inventory record

8 . Unit ConvertorUnit Convertor

Unit Convertor

Unit Convertor is a utility to convert, for instance, a barrel of oil (if inventoried in the quantity) into the percent that, for instance, 12 quarts of oil would be.  


Using the converter enables you to inventory large volumes (barrels, etc.) but calculate the percent used if you use 12 quarts.

9 . OvertimeOvertime


Overtime hours worked on this detail record

10 . Work DateWork Date

Work Date

Date this line item work is performed - a required field

11 . Overtime RateOvertime Rate

Overtime Rate

Overtime rate - generally 1.5, but may vary

12 . PM ReferencePM Reference

PM Reference

Open Preventive Maintenance table for quick referencing

13 . GL A/C# GL A/C#


General Ledger lookup (if you use this facility) this line item should be charged against - Labor, Material and Outside Service