Shop Work Order Master

Shop Work Order Master

The 'master' Shop Work Order record contains base information about the equipment you're working on.   It contains (in the browse window) 'child' records which reflect each step of work performed on the equipment during the period this shop work order is operational.


The Safety Updates, Memo and PM Date/Meter Resets TAB enables you to update the Preventive Maintenance system, keep track of the PM sequence and document work done on this shop work order.


Check to reset the Preventive Maintenance when that particular PM is completed with a shop work order.   The Sequence number is used to track multiple types of PM in each category.

1 . RecapRecap


This totals all labor, material and outside services performed on shop work order

2 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click on gray column header to organize data by that criteria

3 . Equipment Equipment


Opens Equipment table for more information on the equipment you're working on

4 . ProjectProject


Select a project to charge this shop work to, or set up a default Shop Project to collect all shop costs each Fiscal Year.


To set up a default Shop Project, from Main ToolBar -> Menus -> Quickest Menu -> press   E   three times till it highlights Entity module -> press ENTER key -> press Department Info button -> Accounting Setup button -> Current FY Shop Work Project.

5 . FYFY


Default Fiscal Year as defined in Entity File.   To set up the current Fiscal Year, from Main ToolBar -> Menus -> Quickest Menu -> press   E   three times till it highlights Entity module -> press ENTER key -> Define in yellow box at bottom of page.

6 . Warranties Warranties


Opens warranty table

7 . Current InfoCurrent Info

Current Info

Current Miles/Hours, Date this Shop Work Order is started and Date Completed

8 . Update Meter & DateUpdate Meter & Date

Update Meter & Date

Check to update meter reading and dates under 'Current' column.   This sets meter reading and dates to drive Preventive Maintenance system

9 . Equipment NumberEquipment Number

Equipment Number

Lookup for selecting Equipment you're working on

10 . Job LeaderJob Leader

Job Leader

Who is primary person for this shop work order?

11 . PreviousPrevious


Most recent previous meter reading and date this equipment was under maintenance or fueled

12 . PM CodePM Code

PM Code

Preventive Maintenance code assigned to this equipment