Use Other Assets Module

Use Other Assets Module

The Other Assets module is generally used to manage assets that is not (1) equipment, (2) bridge, (3) culvert or a (4) sign.  


This module is designed to manage costs, maintenance and inspections on, for instance, drainage systems, sewer and water systems, buildings, stockpiles and other fixed assets.

1 . Copy ButtonCopy Button

Copy Button

The Copy button copies highlighted record - you can use it to save a great many keystrokes when records have similar data

2 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click gray column header to sort data by that criteria - enter a keystroke or two to find any record - reset search engine by pressing UP Arrow on keyboard - search for something else

3 . Query ButtonQuery Button

Query Button

Query data by any criteria

4 . Send ButtonSend Button

Send Button

Use Send button to export queried data in various formats, EMail or to Clipboard