Use Complaints - Svc Req

Use Complaints - Svc Req

The Complaints Management - Service Request Browse enables you to see all OPEN (red X) Complaints and/or Service Requests, All Complaints and/or Animal Control specific Complaints and Service Requests - (Select TAB to change views)


You can also spawn a Work Order after filling in a Complaint/Service Request and information posted will also be posted into the Work Order.     A shortcut (eliminating Work Orders) is to 'Print' the Complaint/Service Request and give request to the person(s) responsible for solving it.


Reports are found in the Report Manager (from main ToolBar -> Reporting -> Report Manager -> Complaints/Service Requests group.   Report not only track progress of requests, but also document when complaint/service request was received, when and to whom it was assigned to (for solving) and when, how and by who the complaint/service request was solved.   This automatic tracking provides timelines and total hours between becoming aware of a problem and solving it.





1 . Date ReportedDate Reported

Date Reported

Enter a date, press TAB key and see only those records that were reported on that date - TAB selection also controls records seen.

2 . CopyCopy


Copy a previously saved record is it will save you keystrokes when entering a new record

3 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click on gray column header to sort data by that criteria, enter a keystroke to find by that column order.   TABs control what you see, also.

4 . PrintPrint


After entering and saving a record, pressing the Print button generates a hard copy of the complaint which can be given to whomever is responsible to confirm and/or resolve the Complaint/Service Request.  

5 . Print LettersPrint Letters

Print Letters

The Print Letters works in conjunction with the Mass Mailing field on each record (for classification) and the Report Writer where you have developed a mass mailing letter.

6 . Date ResolvedDate Resolved

Date Resolved

Subset records by date resolved (be sure All Complaints TAB is selected) and press TAB key to view only those records resolved on the selected date.

7 . Work OrdersWork Orders

Work Orders

After entering a Complaint or Service Request you can spawn a Work Order if desired.   The alternate to creating a Work Order is to 'Print' the Complaint/Service Request instead.

8 . Call NumberCall Number

Call Number

Subset to the exact record you want if you know the Reference/Control Number for it (note that Tab Selection controls what records are viewable)

9 . State ButtonState Button

State Button

If your state (or department) has a custom Complaint/Service Request form it can be accessed via the State button, once it is created in the respective Report Library.

10 . New QueryNew Query

New Query

Create a new Query to find records by any criteria or Retrieve a previously saved query.

11 . Opens buttonOpens button

Opens button

Generates all Open requests that contain Latitude and Longitude coordinates so you can see them on internal GIS - visual groupings may add to your knowledge of how and why they originated and can be utilized for planning and forecasting

12 . Video buttonVideo button

Video button

View a pre-recorded training Webinar on this module

13 . FY (closed) buttonFY (closed) button

FY (closed) button

Subset all Complaints/Service Requests with Latitude/Longitude coordinates so they may be viewed on internal GIS

14 . Send buttonSend button

Send button

Send subsetted data to .pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc, .csv files, EMail (if your mail server is plumbed in) or copy data to clipboard for pasting into a document, etc.