Use Culverts Module

Use Culverts Module

The Culverts module enables you to manage Culverts of any size and shape.

1 . Copy buttonCopy button

Copy button


2 . Standards buttonStandards button

Standards button

Downloads very large Culverts Standards file from VA website

3 . View GIS buttonView GIS button

View GIS button


4 . Video buttonVideo button

Video button

Runs pre-recorded Webinar on operations of the Culvert module

5 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click on the gray column header to sort that column - enter a keystroke or two to find a particular record.   To do another search Reset the Search engine by pressing the Up Arrow on keyboard.

6 . Query EngineQuery Engine

Query Engine

Click the New button to create a new query, Retrieve to select a previously save search, clear to reset window to see all records and Send to export data to .pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc or .csv format file, EMail or save data to the clipboard for pasting into another document.


7 . Help ButtonHelp Button

Help Button

Help (.pdf) specific to the Query engine

8 . Send buttonSend button

Send button

Send data in browse window to output file, EMail or Clipboard