Use Cost Accounting

Use Cost Accounting

This is the Cost Accounting Browse window which enables you to add, delete or change records for documenting work accomplished by the employees of your department.


The Cost Accounting module is the heart of the system and interfaces information entered with over three dozen other tables and drives many subsystems - all automatically with data entry.


Tasks accomplished with a record entry drive (1) Employee work hours which drives payroll, (2) Equipment run time and maintenance costs which also drives the Equipment Preventive Maintenance System, (3) Material allocated to various jobs which decreases inventory levels, (4) Projects which drives cost, overhead allocations and project actual to budget spending, (5) Fiscal Year costs, (6) asset maintenance costs, (7) task analysis for planning and budgeting, (8) Township, Zone or Area costs and (9) Layer costs, if you want to keep track of costs of a multi-layer bituminous road build.

1 . Copy ButtonCopy Button

Copy Button

Most data entry is similar.


The Copy button saves many keystrokes by, after making the first entry, copy successive (similar) entries and edit the fields that are different, then save record - repeat as needed.  

2 . Work DateWork Date

Work Date

Enter any date, press TAB key - this subsets all data so Browse window displays only records for that work date

3 . Video ButtonVideo Button

Video Button

Browse windows with the Video button mean there is a pre-recorded Webinar available (needs web access) on the module.

4 . Fiscal YearFiscal Year

Fiscal Year

Subsets browse data so it displays only records for the Fiscal Year - enter a Fiscal Year and press TAB key

5 . New ButtonNew Button

New Button

The New Button is used to start a New Query

6 . Hot ColumnsHot Columns

Hot Columns

Click on any gray column header to sort all data by that criteria - enter a key or two to find the record you're looking for.   To reset search engine, press Up Arrow on keyboard, then search for another record(s)

7 . Retrieve ButtonRetrieve Button

Retrieve Button

Retrieve any saved queries - this saves a lot of keystrokes.

8 . Clear ButtonClear Button

Clear Button

This button clears a previous query and resets browse to display all data

9 . Print ButtonPrint Button

Print Button

Prints a default report of sub-setted data

10 . Query ButtonQuery Button

Query Button

Alternate form for Querying data.   Yes there are two query engines available - use the on you feel is easier to use.

11 . Send ButtonSend Button

Send Button

Send sub-setted data to alternate formats (.pdf, .htm, .xls, .doc, .csv)