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The Roads/Streets (All Assets) module provides a data, grapic analysis and GIS view of all Roads, Streets and associated assets (bridges, culverts, signs, other assets).  The "view" is first, select the road or street of interest, then, select the asset grouping, such as, Bridges and the data view provides access to all bridges that are on the selected road or street.  This module is Image, GIS and Graphic Data Analysis enabled.

The "drill down" feature enables you to move through data with one mouse click, from the highest level (road or street) to the lowest level, for instance, work performed on a bridge 6 weeks ago and determine who, what, when and how a specific maintenance was performed - - all this with single mouse clicks, and its instant - saves you hours rummanging around in your filing cabinet!

Modules are optional and selectable, so you can tailor
Visual R&B IMS® to your specific needs.