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“I have been using Visual R&B IMS for over three years. This sytem is so unique it addresses the special needs of the Road/Hwy Department. It assists in tracking specific data necessary to the day-to-day operations…reports from budget expenditures to fuel used…I certainly appreciate the system because it allows me to compile extensive amounts of data quickly and efficiently and is very user-friendly.” — Jennifer, Denton County

“…exceptional service from the very beginning and the potential for total management is vast…” — Deb,           Custer County

“No other program that we surveyed could keep up with costs as easily as this one. … keep up with all costs involved in maintaining from twelve road maintenance workers … It takes about one to two hours daily to enter job tickets calls from property owners. … There are lots of hidden extras. … Budget planning at the end of the year is so simple when you have your budget loaded on the Road & Bridge software. … This software makes cost tracking on special projects or FEMA claims easy.” — Rolann, White County

“Compulink has saved me a lot of time and it keeps good records on all job assignments. It saves a lot of paperwork on all reports that I have to prepare.” — William, Coahoma County

“Information can be entered very quickly and easily. The reports that compile all information are very helpful. The staff has been easy to work with and guides us through any problems that arise.” — Elizabeth, Cowley County

“I can enter our daily time sheets in your program in about a third of the time it took with the system we used to use. … It takes me about ten to fifteen minutes to enter one day’s information. … paying bills, tracking                equipment expenses, etc. is fast and easy. The best thing about the program is the support. If we want                something custom made for us, all we have to do is ask, plus they don’t make you feel like a dummy when        you have questions.” — Anita, Barber County

“Your software is very extensive and covers all aspects of the Road and Bridge programs that is necessary for the Commissioners to keep records for practically all areas that pertain to their business. Your staff is very helpful in all areas, pleasant to work with, is easy to follow in interpretations of where to go in the software. … It is nice to know that when I call up with a situation, that any and all questions are handled in a professional and timely manner.” — Beth, Hopkins County

“I was given the assignment to locate and implement a road and bridge tracking system. As we all know there is more to Road and Bridge than maintaining the roads and bridges. We have to track our budget, contracts      equipment, assets, labor, and materials. Prior to the Visual IMS software, all this information was tracked in        separate databases. When I came across the Visual IMS software, it was unbelievable — an all-in-one interactive datbase. We have been using the application since 2000. The customer and technical support is a   once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They downloaded all our history from years past and we converted over. We hit   the road and have been running every since. Thanks, Rich and Janet, for making these past twenty years a            breeze. If you ask, Compulink, Ltd. will get it done.” — Diane, Denton County

“I was scared at first that this would be a big job setting up, but it was SO EASY to do!! And it is now so simple to run reports and get bills out that my job is less stressful and quite organized.” — Jamie, Beaverhead County
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